Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cold & miserable day

It's a cold and miserable day today. So I'm glad I went to the Dragon Boat races yesterday. So besides creating, what else is there to do on this kind of day, but bake. I made a batch of cinnamon rolls and some Vienna rolls. I love working with yeast doughs, love the way they rise and then punching them down. I'm always fascinated by the yeast I proof before hand.
I have 2 absolutely favorite books. One is the New Joy of Cooking (have the old one too) and the other is The Pleasures of your Food Processor by Noreene Gilletz. Everything in that book works. There are so many cook books I have and recipes tried with maybe 10 or 20% of them working or sounding like they work. I buy them mainly for the ideas. But with Noreene's it's 99%.
I've got one more mini journal (from the off cuts of the other journals I made) to finish and then onto whatever the next project will be.
I hope tomorrow is nicer than today.

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