Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Internet Frustrations

Hi all. Well today was a very frustrating day in regards to internet. I WASN'T ABLE TO CONNECT ALL DAY. Luckily I was distracted and thoroughly involved in making a couple of hand made books, or else my computer might have landed out the window. Not that it was my computer causing the problem, but Shaw Cable. Sheesh
Anyway. I ended up making 2 beautiful books which I will upload when I get home from work later tonight. One book is a hideaway type that holds a box for pencils beside the pages and is enclosed. Asian feel to it in red and black with gold printing on the paper. It's another one from the Mary Kaye Seckler book I absolutely love. If I only was able to keep one book out of all my books, it would be that one. The other book I made was a Raven's Foot binding using some of my paste paper. Bright colors. I really like it too.
A while back I made a mini book in the shape of a red delicious apple, but need quotes or poems or stuff to put into it I think. It was made specifically for our Guilds September Galleria (Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild). I painted the covers a bright warm red and then put a thick layer of Diamond Glaze, really feels like a shiny apple.
Well that's it till later.

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