Saturday, August 4, 2007

More Paste Paper

Well it's been another very very productive day. I made waaaay toooo many paste papers. I'm definitely going to have to figure out what to make with them. Just click on the image at left to get to my website. At the moment it's the first 3 pages in that gallery. And I still have some paste left over. So who knows what will happen next weekend.


Lorraine Douglas said...

Hi Yogi, thank you for leaving comments on my blog....I was hoping that you might come to Island Magic and I would see you again....but perhaps I can see YOU through your blog even better. I love your work and how productive you said you made waaaay too many paste papters but I know you will find a lot of uses for them in your art...bye for now, fond regards, Lorraine D.

Passionforstamping said...

Your paste papers are gorgeous!