Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day of Crafts con't...

After lunch Marian Piers (whose the author of Classic Cards),was the teacher. We made two gorgeous cards using napkins for backgrounds, adding some beads that were loose on a border string, or sewing beads individually to accent sections of the design. We also rubber stamped using word stamps to enhance the overal design and adding bits and pieces of a gold/black mulberry paper and on the other adding a piece of chip board also covered with part of the napkin as an accent piece. And I have a good section of both napkins left for more cards.

Lorraine Cockle was the last teacher and we made a box with a rounded type flap with a "Haida" design (Native Indian) in red, black and white. Very striking. I still have to take pics of this, so will upload later with more details.

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davej said...

I am looking for a contact for Lorraine Cockle...she is a former teacher/mentor and fellow artist...if you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it...keep up the great work promoting the local arts scene, peace and love from the land of j^pan...davej