Monday, January 28, 2008

Cards made in Lynn Slevinsky's Class

What a fabulous 2 day workshop I had this weekend. Lynn is such a wonderful teacher. So giving and so creative. Every time I take a class with her, I come away so invigorated and having a head that wants to explode with everything I want to do. She also packs a hell of a lot into 2 days. We made 11 cards and 1 heart thingie. We also learnt 4 monoline alphabets, but those I won't have uploaded till the weekend. Have to make my exemplars. I'm only putting one picture that will link to the main gallery. once you click on a picture, just use the next button on the bottom of each page. You will also find four collage cards... You all know how much I love doing them (being very sarcastic here :-) Enjoy.

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Wanda H said...

I guess it's been awhile since I've been to your blog. What a fun class and beautiful cards you came away with. Love your inchies... I can get addicted to them :-) I could go on and on as all your art is always wonderful!!