Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dec Env Exchange Laurie's Envie

Well there was a definite blimp in our Decorated Envelope Exchange. One of the people that had joined, and I was having the hardest time reaching, finally sending something by snail mail and still no answer. Then on Friday I got an e-mail (this is almost a month after I tried the snail mail approach) saying she was withdrawing her name. Sheesh!! All the mailing schedules were posted and an envelope by one of the particiapnts was already in the mail to this person. It's what I call really, really inconsiderate. Needless to say she's on my black list

Well so there I was, being loaded down with all kinds of other stuff and limited time because of working full weeks for Jan & Feb, and now I had this to sort out. It wasn't as if I could just remove her name. Everything had to get shifted so everyone still received and mailed 12 envelopes.

It's now sorted out, but I also had to make an envelope I wasn't expecting to make because that person was supposed to receive one from the person that bowed out. I didn't want to disappoint anyone. But I'm a problem solver and finished her envie. I like the results. She also gets one of my Zentangles ATC's made especially for her (last pic on my web site page). And surprise, surprise I have time left over...

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