Sunday, February 17, 2008

BD & Grad card

I had an order to make 2 cards for a guy, both a Birthday and a Graduation card. Very hard for me to do. I'm just not into the guy thing or sports etc., which this person is. I've heard about snowboarding but had never really seen the boards. And wakeboarding, that's another one. Never heard of it. Totally ignorant. Thank g-d for the internet. Crash course. But the end results of both cards I really like. On the grad card I used scrapbook paper to create the whole thing (double sided it) and offset folded it. Even though it's one of my favorite scrapbook papers, I don't normally create only with it and none of my own. But it just blended all together sooo nicely. I tied it together with some linen thread.


Wanda H said...

Both of these are really wonderful!!

Margaret said...

Very, very nice. I especially like the graduation card/booklet. Great idea.