Thursday, April 3, 2008

CBH Challenge April 1 Stencils

I can't believe it's 6 o'clock already. The day just flew by. I've been feeling under the weather with a cold, sniffles, congestion and just feeling ecky. Everything I did seemed to take longer and more effort. But at least I got my challenge for this week done two days earlier than usual. Progress.

This week's CBH Challenge is to create with Stencils. I love working with stencils and use many different techniques, like pastes, dry embossing, with glue and laying on gold leaf or glitter to name just a few.

I'm using the background technique that Suzanne from Quietfire Design just put on her blog. It's yummy. Uses walnut ink, Distress Embossing powder & Schminke Tro-Col (should be gouache, but being sick and all, I can't read and used the powders instead). You can find her background pic here.

I also recently picked up a bunch of stencils from Suzanne, one of them being 3 individual leaves within squares, so i thought I'd do a triptych. Enjoy


Wanda H said...

Love these!!! I have to try that background too!!

Jean said...

Very nice!!!