Saturday, April 5, 2008

A couple more ATC's

I made this weird acrylic background. You know I'm sick with a cold, well it must be having an affect on my artwork, because the colors I used in this background and the technique are weird and just not me. I'm pretty sure I won't be using it for what I made it, which was for a calligraphy boradside for our upcoming Guild's galleria. I wanted something chaotic and "Mish-Mash" which it is, but not what I was expecting. So I cut off a seciton and made some ATC's from it. That worked better. The other ATC was a reject from the ones I made from Suzanne's background technique, which I salvaged.

Click on the ATC's for more details and other pics.


Wanda H said...

Yogi, love all of these atcs!!! and I don't think there is anything weird about the backgrounds.

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

I love the whole feel of the butterfly ATC. I need to go back and click it so I can read it now :>)