Saturday, June 28, 2008

One envelope done & my Yalpha mingle for July

My first of three envelopes done for July --- Ahead of time. Sheesh. I'm kinda in a foul mood. It's taking ages to copy and transfer my files to my desktop. I'm having to re copy because the CD's are for the pits or the XP on the desktop is for the pits. Maybe both. Who knows. But you don't want to be near me at the moment. And in between this waiting, I'm trying to create.

Even in this foul mood I'm happy with what I've been creating.

Also finished my mingle page for July and I chose the letter "R" for roses.

Click on images to see details and larger images



ArtCricket said...

Both are beautiful! Hope they helped improve your foul mood. I can't ever create good art in a foul mood! Congrats and good luck with the computer work.

Wanda H said...

Yogi, both your envelope and your mingle page are beautiful!!!!!