Monday, June 2, 2008

Yalpha Mingle for June

I've usually got my Yalpha Mingle done by this time of the month, but hadn't even decided on what letter to use or which direction to go in.
Then I was experimenting with something I wanted to use for one of my Stampede pieces. And I'm looking at this little experiment and it clicked, LIGHT BULB TIME, "cut it to 4.5 x 4" and you have your mingle page. Luckily I do experiments in more central areas of my paper rather than in little corners so I had room all around for the right spacing.
I've never done this before, but I was thinking woodworkers do it all the time when they are creating inset artwork, so why not with paper. I really wanted a black background, but the style of Decorated Capital I wanted to do needed to be done on white. I used one of the lettering styles from my recent Thomas Hoyer class. I love it. I'm glad I will be making a larger version, because I will be sorry to see this one go. I also seem to be working a lot with black. I wonder why.
To see the back and detail images and descriptions click on image. Enjoy

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okanagan_spirit said...

Yogi your Yalpha page is very lovely. I can imagine the larger one for the Stampede will be even better, if that is possible.