Saturday, August 23, 2008

Piano Hinge Journal

I finished another journal today and I called it "Knit 1 Pearl 2" very apropos for a knitter. Last year when I was making my Piano Hinge booklets, I wanted to make one with knitting needles. I went out and bought the needles and then put them aside to do eventually. Well today I finally got around to it.
Normally piano hinge books are single or at most double signatures. So you have this gigantic type book because of the spine section but only a few pages in it. Mine goes beyond the few pages. This one has a total of 168 pages, but only 7 piano spine hinges to deal with. It also lays nice and flat for easy writing, which I find the original piano hinge doesn't do.
The covers are scanned images of sweaters I designed and knit years ago. After loosing my hearing, my knitting was put to the side. I used to be an avid knitter while watching television, I'd be knitting and lift my head when I heard something interesting happening on the TV. But with not hearing, I'm using closed captioning, so I always have to be looking at the TV to read what's being said. Hence no more knitting. Know my time is devoted to paper arts. Anyway, I'm happy with the end result. Click on image to see all the other views and descriptions etc.

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