Saturday, September 27, 2008

Internet problems

OK it's Wednesday Oct 1st and I'm now re-connected. Just click on HERE to see more Paste embossing and descriptions etc.

I'm totally frustrated. I have no internet acces from my computer at home since Thursday noon and probably won't have any till Wednesday. Sheesh. And I forgot to bring with me my address for uploading to my website. I'm at the library now using their's Thank g_d for that at least.

I had a wonderful play day with a friend on Thursday though. We were working with brass stencils and embossing pastes. I did a bunch of techniques from the "New Dimensions" book by Lynell Harowell (probably spelt that wrong, will correct later). And I tried the technique that Wanda mentioned, using the pastels first and then the white paste on top. WOW it worked, although not the first time, since I put the paste on a bit too thickly. But when I put a thinner layer, really a nice effect. I have this all written down in my Nitty Gritty technique web page, but a lot of good that does me right now. But eventually I'll upload it. But in the mean time I'll upload a few of them here.

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Faye said...

These examples definitely have the wow factor! I have never heard of embossing paste so I looked it up on google to make sure you hadn't misspelled pastel. These are just awesome art pieces.