Monday, October 13, 2008

A couple more Journals

I've squeezed in making a couple more journals for our Guild's Show and Sale. I've been wanting to make a double journal for a long time and I finally did one. I also was eating pistachio nuts a while back and thought they'd make great little niches or something, and it was such a waste to through the shells away. So I hoarded them until now. So I'm a little more nuts than indicated (pun intended...) Enjoy.
I have 3 more things I really want to make, hopefully there's still enough time. Too many other things creeping in, but then I like those things too, so how do you say no to any of it. I don't. I have the philosophy, if it's meant to be done, it will be done even with everything else creeping in. "Laissez faire" personality, at least I think that's the phrase, I'm losing my French.
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1 comment:

Wanda H said...

Yogi, both of these are fabulous but I LOVE the double journal!!! Awesome!!