Thursday, October 23, 2008

Matchbook Calendars

I've been meaning to upload these little calendars I made about a week ago, but just didn't have the time, and then my computer's been acting up again. Low on virtual memory. Of course that happened after I put that virus protection in. It seems to eat up my memory....

So I don't know how many times I've said a date was ok and then come home and looked on my calendar only to realize something else was penciled in for that date. Well with my little matchbook calendar I can pencil in that something is happening on any date and check it before committing to something else if I see the day is marked already... and since it's so small it will fit nicely in my fanny pack. Now I hope others will feel the same way. Of course that's the ones that don't have all these new fangled Blackberry's or PDF or whatever their called.
Click on image to see the dozen I made and the details. Enjoy

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ArtCricket said...

Wow, these are cuties!