Monday, December 29, 2008

First day with new Hearing Aid

Well my first day with my new hearing aid went very well. The first programming session dealt with sound not words although I was able to understand everything the person was saying. A bit robotic at the moment, but I'm assured that sound will start to sound more natural as time goes on. This thing eats batteries though. Approx every 5 days it will eat 3 large type hearing aid batteries @ $6.75 for a pack of 6 that will take a chunk of change. Tomorrow I will be seeing a rechargeable battery and the 2nd day of programming. On Friday she mentioned I would be being kind of tested. To hear without looking at someones lips move. Will see how that goes. Will try to watch tv tonight with sound and hear how much I understand. BIG GRIN...

And after a while I was able to hear myself talk. Heard someone walk outside the office (with the door closed) and the heels clicking on the linoleum floor. Heard my feet crunch the snow, hear myself clicking away on my computer keys. Really weird. Quite a few sounds I couldn't identify outside yet. Like cars going by, just don't sound like cars. Took a bus home and it sounded like muffled voices, although I don't think anyone was talking. Heard the ding of my microwave.

More tomorrow

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Wanda H said...

Yogi, I am so excited for you!!!! Have you always had trouble hearing?