Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cochlear - Mary Kay Tape

I've got tears in my eyes.

When I left Montreal over 11 years ago, my hearing was at the start of profound lose. A bunch of my Mary Kay buddies made a farewell tape for me, each person giving me their best wishes for my trip across Canada and continuing in my Mary Kay career. I had a fabulous trip coming across Canada, but did not continue with my Mary Kay because of my hearing lose. Anyway, at the time I tried to listen to the tape they made and couldn't hear any of it. I pulled out the tape from my stash and just listened to it in this boom box I won a few years ago (also never used until today). If any of you are reading this blog message, I just wanted to say your messages have touched my heart. I miss all of you a whole bunch. Thank you. I'm just so glad I've got the opportunity to hear things like this again.

Not much new has happened at work. Lots of sounds. Tomorrow I go for another ear appointment for testing without context I believe.
So till whenever.

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