Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 4

Well another memorable day has gone by. My friend and I had a fabulous art day even if it was too short. BIG GRIN. She did ring my doorbell and call my name from downstairs... but I heard neither. C'est la vie. Maybe in time I will, although we experimented with the doorbell and I found even when I was right under it, it was a very low sound, which she agreed with. Could be why I never heard it. So that's a job for the near future - figure out if I can make the bell sound louder or just change the contraption.

We went to Costco and I was being real nice by putting the carriage away in one of those holding pens... but she also called me while I was putting it away because another lady wanted it, but I didn't hear that either. Will definitely have to work on that.

Went to my favorite rubber stamping store Paper pastimes and Carole the proprietor almost had tears in her eyes from the good news I was giving her. We had a wonderful 3 way conversation, which I could only have dreamt about before in the past.

I heard the flasher signals in the car.

This morning I was coloring in my 1st Alpha letter for the 365 day Alpha challenge and I heard my colored pencils (actually my blender pencil) scrapping (not the right word but I can't describe the sound I was hearing) along the paper.

Still haven't consiously heard the birds. But an other next door neighbor was leaving her house yesterday as my friend and I were and I had another real nice conversation. In the past my head would move back and forth, not because I heard sound, but because I was trying to catch any words I could. But now my head is moving back and forth because I'm hearing the words being spoken and just naturally turning to the speaker. Nice. BIG GRIN.

Haven't tried using the phone yet either. And so many friends said they would call me if I was able to. I SHUDDER with the thought. I REALLY HATE phones, always have. So I'm not so sure I want to tell anyone if I can use them or not. Anyone reading this, please don't take it the wrong way. Maybe in time I'll really want to talk again on the phone, but for now, NO!!

And on another note, I just opened my new computer to make a recovery disc and wouldn't you know it, it doesn't do it on USB storage devices, only on CD, DVD, or something called DVD CL I think. The only things I have are CD but I don't have 14 of them, Sheesh. So I have to wait till tomorrow when I go out and pick up a couple DVD's (only needs 2 of them). So to make a long story short, I can't play with my new computer today. I really wanted to load all my software in and have my internet connected all day instead of limping along and turning it on only when needed.

Soon.. So I guess I'll spend the day doing year end accounting and some art work.
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.

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