Friday, January 2, 2009

More on the cochlear

Well this was day 5. Today Sherrie put in 2 more programs, both with volume on the program I like, so one will be good for phones and the other where I need just a bit more of a boost. I called my friend on the phone tonight... and I was able to understand her. I heard the ringing of the phone. Sheesh. I do have to get used to holding the phone in an area that is most receptive to the hearing aid. Takes a little practice I think and I only had it on the lower volume setting. But at least now someone can call me and if I'm "in the mood" I'll probably answer and we just might connect on that spur of the moment kind of way, which I haven't done in over 16 years. I've missed that. Before everyone had to give me ample warning via e-mails and tell me when they would arrive so I could keep the door unlocked.

Today I was able to pick up the sounds of cars from a waaay further distance away and figure out which direction they were coming from. They were also sounding more like cars on roads. Heard the pumping of brakes from the bus. Came to realize my camera makes noise when I turn it on and off. My new computer makes all kinds of sounds, programs ending, bells going off. And I still LOVE the sound of my keyboard's clicking sounds.

The 2 people I saw today are having a hard time coming up with things to do for me. I'm surpacing expectations. And I never stayed for 2 plus hours at any of the appointments for those intensive programming, which is what was booked for me. Things went soooo smoothly.

And just this minute I heard a ding. I have my oven timer next to me because I'm baking something and it just went quiet. I thought my timer went on the fritz, then I realized everything went quiet... My battery just DIED. Interesting warning. Doesn't give you any time to even think about - oh the battery is dying - it just went DEAD. These batteries only last for 5 days and you use 3 of them each time and they're not cheap. I got a battery charger and two rechargeable batteries which helps, but they only stay charged for 10 hours and take 4 hours to re-charge. You'd think with all our advanced stuff and things, they'd come up with batteries that lasted. These rechargeable batteries apparently last for 1000 charges (which is approximately 3 years and a bit). They also cost around $300 each. Ridiculous. But OK I shouldn't complain. right??

I have a couple more appointments next week. One I think with the person that will be testing my recognition of words without context. Will be interesting.

I'm trying to think of what other sounds were interesting today. Well the timer just went off and that's a loud DING.

When I left Montreal 11 years ago, a lot of my Mary Kay friends had made a farewell tape recording which I have never heard. I'm looking forward to finding it and listening again and wondering if I'll finally hear what they said. I think I'll try looking and listening to the Denis Brown DVD I just got of his latest work.

So I'll sign off till tomorrow.

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