Saturday, March 21, 2009

CBH Challenge For March 17th

Another week has gone by and I just don't know where the time goes. OK maybe I do, what with 4 day classes, then make up time at work, then catch up time at home with various art projects and here we are again and it's Saturday. BIG Grin, but I did finish this week's CBH challenge which was to use windows &/or doors.
Didn't know what direction I was going in, not really into windows and doors, although there are a lot of great quotes with those words and funny ideas popping into my head when I was reading som
e of them. But what emerged was this multi-folded card. I was just folding paper and then I realized what I was doing and the - looking into the soul of a person - popped into my head.
And to portray that I thought of looking through one pane of glass at a time, since we don't reveal all of ourselves at one time to anyone, it's done in stages or layers., So that's what the symbolism is. Rare for me to get into the thought process...
Enjoy. Click on image to go to my web site for the other pages and descriptions.