Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Technique Journal

A good friend just had a milestone birthday (I won't mention which) and I thought I'd make her something special. So I created this technique Journal, similar to one I have. It was a labour of love. I also made a box for it and finished off a card I had started in Betty Locke's class a while back. I wondered who I would be giving it to. Anyway, the paper I used to cover the cover was from the Paper's Transformed book by Julia Andrus "Radiant Batik" love that technique, so I included the instructions in the journal. I also included a whole section on the embossing paste series I had done a while back. Then some stuff from the Magenta class we all took, especially the pocket type card which I made from some hand made paper I did during a play day we had last year. And the recent origami tea bag type flower done with the nestabilites scalloped circle. And we had just attended a demo by Els the representative of the Peel Off's and she was showing her new line and some wonderful techniques. So I included them too. Now we have to have another play day so we can continue adding to our journals. BIG GRIN and it looks like we'll be doing that probably next week.

A friend of her's organized a surprise birthday party (and she was definitely surprised). We went to Alloy a classy type restaurant. Food was delicious, but NOT cheap. I had Ahi Tuna Tartar for an appetizer @ $9, Lobster Ravioli with scallops, shrimps and a mango cream sauce @ $32, and Creme Brulee @ $9, so with tax and tip which was included in the bill it was over $70 for lunch. That's not something I do very often, if ever. But I had things I definitely wouldn't make at home and they were done to perfection. We stayed for almost 3 hours, so was a ncie time. Then I went to work and got picked up later by another friend to go to our Guild's exec meeting. Got home at 9:45, and of course it was frigid outside and my heatings not working again. The guy is coming over today to hopefully fix the problem once and for all. Very frustrating when you can't rely on a new heating system working. Should have stayed with the old - totally reliable. No computer parts and over sensitive components that shut a system down.


okanagan_spirit said...

Beautiful Yogi and I'm sure your friend will treasure the gift.

ArtCricket said...

What a beautiful gift! Great hearing about your restaurant visit, too. I love food :)
Gee, I hope your heat becomes reliable!