Friday, May 8, 2009

My Entry Into The Big May Copic Giveaway

Well there is a blog give away at The Pen Addict of some copic markers, sketch book and the carrying case. Looks like a great prize and I would love to win it. Copics are not cheap, but definitely a fun tool to have in an artist/calligraphers tool kit. There are a bunch of rules to enter this give-away.
See the Pen Addicts Big May Copic Giveaway for the exact rules 1) need to show by means of a blog or web presence the intent to use these markers (in other words not languish in a desk drawer...) 2) Need to make a current piece of artwork using copics. Well can't get much more current than 20 minutes ago. BIG GRIN. Since I just finished the Peter Thornton classes, those designs were fresh in my mind and I tried to re-create my "D" below. Will need more practice and maybe a few more colors... HInt hint. 3) And thirdly why I want these markers. Well I really love experimenting with new tools. I am totally new to the copic marker world. But already I have experienced some ways to use them in my calligraphic endeavors. I love double loading the brush tips and using the chisel edge portion as a flat edged pen for calligraphic lettering. As I mentioned above, copics are not cheap, so my color palette at the moment is limited. Wining this giveaway, would sure help me supplement my limited supply.

All the artwork in this post was done on inexpensive glossy photo paper. Thanks for looking.


Lorraine Douglas said...

Dear Yogi;

Thank you for following my blog too. Also you don't have to publish this comment - I just wanted to say how happy I am about your hearing. Anne told me about it. I hope that it is still working out well for you. I got those new BTE hearing aids last year and have heard sounds for the first time in my life - it is so exciting to stop on the street and listen to the birds. But for you it must be even more a new life!

Shirley said...

Beautiful entries!!!