Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Copics

Hey I just picked up my Copics from the post office, came home and tried them right away. I hadn't realized I was getting different types of Copics, which is really good, because now I know what the others are like.
Well the Sketch (rectangular barrel) & Ciao (round barrel) are basically the same except for the barrel design, size and labeling. They both are refillable and have the same brush tip and chisel edge.

Now I also got these square barrel shape, no idea what they are called since there is no name on the barrel like the others. It has the same markings on the cap for easy identification, looks like it has the same chisel edge, but the brush tip is a lot stiffer and shorter.

Then I also got the Copic Wide with an extra broad thin chisel edge tip.
Not sure if both of these are refillable too, will have to look that up.

But I have to say Thanks again Brad at Pen Addict for this wonderful gift. The journal that came with it is not bad either. It's called the Sketchbook produced by Imagination International for Bleed resistant marker paper. It does go through the paper a bit, and I'm not seeing any bleeding. It feels like a coated matte finish cardstock paper.


dowdyism said...

Glad you like them Yogi!

ArtCricket2 said...

Very cool! Can't wait to see what you do with them.