Monday, September 28, 2009

Peerless Watercolors

Peerless watercolors are a really fantastic product. They're concentrated watercolors on a piece of paper fabric. You touch a water brush to the color and you've got instant paint. and the way I carry them around is the best of all worlds. Flat as a piece of cardstock. Smaller than a piece of cardstock. And I have every color, not having to leave any at home because they won't fit into my container or bag. It has the names of the colors as well as a sample of that color on white cardstock. BIG GRIN.

Click on image to see details etc.


Jeanette said...

How clever and how very handy.

Diana Evans said...

oh wow!!! what a neat idea...thanks for sharing this...I love my watercolours...and this will make it easy for travel!