Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm still in playing mode with this Shimmer Sheetz product. I cut the shell with my Cricut using Double Sided Tape and the black Shimmer Sheetz. This product is a match made in heaven for shells, with that Mother of Pearl look. Love it.

Then I used some of Tim's Distress embossing powder to mimic some sand. The look and feel of his product is exactly what I wanted. And then I added some pieces of real shells.

Of course I used a Quietfire Design rubber stamp. Love this quote, it's just so right.

PS I was corresponding with Judi Kauffman - Shimmer Sheetz is one of her ideas and being distributed by - and she was letting me know some of the other things you can do with it besides cardmaking... Duh!! I've got a one tracked mind.

Anyway, it's great for scrapbooking, mixed media, clothing & accessories and I'm sure we can come up with a few other areas. It's colorfast and washable, you can make custom sequins, spangles & pailettes, punch it, cut it with a Cricut, emboss it (I've done it both dry and thermal). Put it on scarves and wreaths, purses, shoes and the list goes on and on. Wrap LED (battery operated) candles. I just finished making a cute bead with it.

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Robyn said...

Shimmer Sheetz here I come. Lovely mother of pearl look on the shell and perfect quote