Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shimmer Sheetz

I got this beautiful background piece of Shimmer Sheetz done by Judi Kauffman. She calls it Stained Glass effect and I totally agree. It reminds me so much of a glass I used to work with. In the same package I also got the gorgeous card at left and the two smaller samples, all using pieces of the background below as well as Els Peel Offs. That was a really good mail day. BIG GRIN

Shimmer Sheetz is a concept of Judi's that she brought to the market a few years ago. What with all our new toys, like Cuttlebugs, & Sizzix machines, and Cricut personal cutting machines, it was time to bring it back into the present. So glad she did because this is a wonderful product with lots of potential and lots of pizzazz for your projects and comes in a bunch of glorious colors.

The cardstock she used is a Bazzill glazed cardstock. So pretty. Hard to see in these pics. It looks like a stamped image done with Perfect Medium and then clear embossed on their monochromatic cardstock. Tone on tone.

This is the blurb Judi sent me about these samples:
I thought it would be fun to see if I could get Shimmer Sheetz to look like stained glass. After a few attempts that didn't work, I came up with a method that gave me the effect I wanted. I made streaks with three different colors of Tim Holtz's (Ranger) Alcohol Inks applied all at once to a piece of White Iris by dragging the ink applicator rather than dabbing with it. Streaks repeat crosswise on the 5" x 12" strip, not lengthwise along it.

After the streaks dried, I went in a second time to add blurry areas at intervals, this time adding a stronger contrasting color mixed with a generous squirt of Blending Solution on the applicator. As you can see from the sample, before it's cut the sheet has a striped effect, but after it's cut into smaller pieces it looks a lot like glass.

I didn't clean or change the felt on the applicator during the process, which meant that the ink colors influenced each other.

I used Peel-offs from Elizabeth Craft Designs in black for the look of leading on stained glass. I colored just a few of the areas with Sakura's Glaze 3D ink (it's translucent, so you can still see the streaks of color beneath).

To frame the faux stained glass, I did a border of Shimmer Sheetz in Black Iris, altered with Alcohol Inks. I fringed the four sides with small parallel cuts to capture reflected light and added the piece to a folded card made from Bazzill's new Glazed Cardstock. The white on white pattern of the cardstock adds yet another layer of shininess to the card.

Tip: Shimmer Sheetz Faux Stained Glass works equally well with other iridescent (Iris) colors as the starting point. The iridescent shine remains, though it is toned down quite a bit by the Alcohol Inks.

Please note this is:
Shimmer Sheetz Stained Glass Flower Card
Copyright 2010 Judi Kauffman


Charmaine Stack said...

Yogi, the Shimmer Sheetz product really is getting a new lease on life. Last weekend at my LSS they had Carole from Paper Pastimes in Calgary demoing all the different things you can do with it using embossing folders, sanding, inking and highlighting, as well as using El's Peeloffs. Very inspiring!

ArtCricket2 said...

This a really cool!