Sunday, September 26, 2010

BVCG Galleria Piece for Sept - Figs

This month's Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild Galleria piece has a theme of "It's Gone" There are a lot of things that come and go and Figs happen to be one that I really miss.

The image is a rubber stamp by Flourishes that i thought was perfect for this broadside. Then I did the lettering with Lyra color giant colored pencils.

It will eventually be framed in a matte gold metal frame which I still have to buy.

Click on image to see more details etc. Enjoy


okanagan_spirit said...

Very lovely Yogi, I also love figs, had a tree at our last place. Wouldn't want to have one here and have to fight the bears for the figs.

Robyn said...

love figs, your words are perfect, love the composition of the card.
thanks for sharing. I have one of those 4 color pencils never thought to use it that way