Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vamp Stamp News - October Issue

I don't have my October issue of Vamp Stamp news yet, but I saw the cover on their website and see that both these cards are on their cover.

I would imagine the star card below is either somewhere on the inside of the magazine, or on their website gallery. Will know at the end of the month. BIG GRIN

Anyway the theme for October was to use your favorite scoring tool. Mine is the Scor-It board. And to be perfectly honest, it would be a bit more difficult (not impossible) to do these cards with the Scor Pal or Martha's Scoring tool. The reason I say this is because with the raised bar on the Scor-It board, I can keep my score line resting on the bar while I sand it down and or color without flattening the score line.

Now I have never tried the Scor Pal, so needless to say, when there was a sale on them at one of the stamping stores I frequent I decided to buy it. Nice board, a little confusing with all the separate graduations of scoring lines, and there's no centering device. But I like that the scoring tool has a place attached to the board for safe keeping. Martha's is the same principal, but the score lines are all evenly done across the board, which I prefer, but there's no place to keep from losing your tool. I guess nothing is perfect...

Of course I used Quietfire Design rubber stamps. Anyway click on any card to see the details and descriptions etc for that card. Enjoy


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Glad to have a close up view of these! Congrats on your continuing publications!

dpkennedy said...

Hey Yogi,
You won my blog candy! Check out the post and email me!

Your scored cards are lovely! I started with the Score-it Board, then used a Scor-Pal and now use the Martha Stewart one all the time! I love that there are markings every 1/4 inch and the top has a little compartment that flips up to hold the score tool. It even has an extra piece in the bottom with all envelope measurements...very handy!

Have a great night!

Leslie Miller said...

Fabulous, Yogi! Exciting news about your cards in the magazine. They're very pretty. Aso, I see you won Danielle's blog candy. Big congrats!