Thursday, October 7, 2010

Georgia Angelopoulos Classes

What a fabulous 4 days I just had. Georgia Angelopoulos came down again and taught us "Italic with Zest". I think I picked up a bunch of tips this time. Not sure whether that's because I've taken several italic classes over the years and finally am coming to a point of understanding some of the nuances in this hand. So now I need to practice and maybe finally put out a piece I can be happy with. Sorry no samples from this class - sigh!!

But on Monday & Tuesday the class was called "A Passage in Parchment" and we used real calf skin vellum. The skin was already calligraphically prepared, although it still needed some tweaking. Sanding with 400 grit Norton's 3X sandpaper. And if you were doing more of a calligraphy piece, you went on to use Sandarac, brushing it off and burnishing with a silk. But if you are doing gilding, which is what I wanted to do, I didn't use the Sandarac.

The Bloom piece has a mounting I came up with using an eyelet punch and Mizhuki cords. I thought that was a creative way to mount a fun piece. The Prime piece uses a mounting technique learned in class. Love them both. You can read and see more details, just click on the piece you want to see more of. Enjoy


Robyn said...

thanks for sharing. great work. inspirational, tho i don't think vellum is in my near future.

Sally Taylor said...

Lucky you, Yogi, what a fab class!
Beautiful work.

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Sure is beautiful!!

Dawn B. said...

I have never seen this before.. Looks really neat.. Thanks for sharing with us..