Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stampede 2011

The entry deadline has passed and I'm finally able to upload my Stampede pieces I entered for this year's contest. What with some ATC's I did a while back and the piece on the left, you can see I was in a Zen - doodle mood, and I'm using one of my favorite styles - Funky Neuland... you all know how I love "funky".

The piece on the right is basically Roman caps proportions. I recently took a class taught by Renate Worthington - "More than Just Roman Caps" and got a new appreciation for these letter forms. This is a layered piece, with the pencil worked letters as a base (they're not traditional Romans) but really like their look.

Anyway to see more details and descriptions, just click on either piece and you'll be taken to that web page. Enjoy. Now I keep my fingers crossed. I'll know on July 10th if I won anything. BIG GRIN


Ruby's Girl said...

Very Nice Yogi. Both are wonderful .

Robyn said...

Great letters art and use of color.
fingers crossed here too.
thanks for sharing

Sharon said...

Love your projects Yogi! Hope you do well. I have been experimenting as well with the whole zen-doodle or whatever we want to call it, I know there are several names.
All the best!
Sharon Reinhart