Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scrapbooking dot com - About the artitst Suzanne Cannon

This an article by Judi Kauffman about Suzanne Cannon from Quietfire Design. Suzanne's rubber quotes and sentiments are what I use most on all my cards. Love her lettering.
A drawing student once asked me how she would know if something was art. I answered in a typical teacher fashion by saying she’d know it when she saw it. Suzanne Cannon’s rubber stamps are works of art. The first time I saw them I knew: Each letter, each curve, each tiny detail is evidence that a skilled human hand has created the calligraphy. This kind of artistry and mastery takes years of practice combined with a love of words. My instincts were confirmed when I called Suzanne in 2005 to interview her for a profile I'd been hired to write for a trade magazine. We became friends and finally met in person in January 2011.....
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