Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stampede 2012 - Be Content also Wild & Free

Pointed Pen: Wild & Free

Update July 9th: Both these pieces received a 2nd place ribbon. The pieces that beat them at Stampede were absolutely fabulous.

It was take in day at Stampede for this years contest pieces, so it's safe to upload my entries... It definitely took me a while and almost thought I wasn't going to be entering anything this year. Nothing sparked my creative juices and every time I thought about it, I kept veering to it being the 100th anniversary. I really didn't want to do anything specifically with that in mind... hence the dilemma, my brain couldn't focus. Then I came across an image of wild horses and loved them so much, and then I came across the poem and they just clicked - I was in love. The calligraphy lettering is a new style of font for me and I created it with a Pointed Pen, so entered into that category.

Neuland: Be Content
I love doing funky Neuland, and that's the category this one was entered in to. I did this piece a bunch of times, starting as a black and white with the central text being wider. I really wanted a narrow central text and the other pieces as borders. So various sized nibs were tried before I got the size right and then it was still just blah!! So I incorporated the color on either side. Now it was good.

Whether these pieces win and ribbons or not, makes no difference to me, although i would be a little disappointed, but I love them for the way they turned out, the adventure in creating them and just putting my soul into them. As it turns out, one of them is already sold.

Anyway, click on either piece to see more details and descriptions etc. Enjoy.


Robyn said...

Wonderful and inspirational Yogi.
love the Neuland- the color, the metallic
Just right.
You win my award!

Therese said...



Patrice said...

Such a cute card - I hope you'll link up at 52 Card Pickup again this week!

Beth Akins said...

Wonderful, Yogi!

Beth Akins said...

Wonderful, Yogi!