Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Memories - Ron's 50th

Well this is a test....

I was asked by Liz Gardner to try out "My Memories" digital scrapbooking and more software. She gave me the software and one to give away - that's a $39.95 value that someone will win.

Now I have to clarify - I don't scrap book. I haven't taken a family pic in about 12 years and the ones I have are negatives not digital... So getting something uploaded to show off this software has been a bit of a struggle. The software is relatively easy to work with and has a lot of possibilities. There are so many options, it's almost mind boggling.  There are videos and an instruction manual, depending on which way you like to learn. I just push buttons and see what happens - BIG GRIN

So after saying all that, this is a page for an album of my cousin's 50th birthday a few years back, siting with his mom. He's really in to SuperStore, hence the cake...

I used "On the Spot" designer template, Changed some of the colors of the circles, added  background color, removed the header text, repositioned my people image, and probably a few other things I can't even remember doing...

Stay tuned for the give away, hopefully this weekend. I'm working on a project which I hope to get finished.

But if you can't wait to get your hands on this My Memories software, you can use this code STMMMS3754 at check out and get $10.00 off the retail price. You can also use the code to get $10.00 off in the store.


coming soon


lizzie said...

The "scrapbook" page looks fabulous. I am not a scrapbooker either but this software does look like it has potential. I also just start hitting buttons when I am trying to learn a new program. Sometimes it works out and sometimes I have deleted something I shouldn't have.

Robyn said...

not a scrapbooker either and , yes I do like to push and click and see what happens!
I'm sure you'll figure out a good use for the software if you play with it enough!