Monday, June 10, 2013

Yves Leterme Class

 I took a 2 day workshop with Yves Leterme from Belgium. Loved it, right up my alley BIG GRIN. The class was called "Drawn Letters for Careful Control Freaks" and I guess I'm more of a control type person...

Anyway you can see all the practice stuff I did and then working my way into fun stuff. Although I have to say, I really enjoyed the practice stuff too. I can see myself continuing with these letters and playing. I even went out and bought a magnifying glass so I can see my pencil line detail up close... not saying my letters will improve, but every little thing helps. There are 2 pages of artwork. Enjoy

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Leslie Miller said...

If I could do lettering like this I'd probably never stamp a sentiment. These are great!