Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stampede & Calligraphy

Well I went to Stampede today to see how I did... So I got a 1st place ribbon for my Neuland piece and a 3rd place ribbon in mixed alphabets for my Nasturtium piece. I was up against some good competition and the 1st & 2nd place winners deserved those ribbons...

You may not remember me mentioning, but it was a difficult job making my pieces this year for some reason. Normally I'll do a piece and it will usually give me a zap... but this year nothing was really zapping me, hence the proliferation of calligraphy, trying to get to that zapping moment.

click on an image to read more about it and see larger images etc. Enjoy


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Leslie Miller said...

Congratulations on your first and third place ribbons! Your Neuland piece really is outstanding. Love the shadowed background lettering. I'm very fond of the Rain piece, as well. Those two are my favorites.