Sunday, October 11, 2015

Psalm 23 was commissioned to make a calligraphic piece of Psalm 23. At first I told the client I would  think about it and probably only do part of the quote... I really don't like doing lots of text work, it makes the piece way too big because I hate using small nibs. ROFL. But as I was playing around with it, I started liking it. BIG GRIN. My first take is a rather squarer format and rather plain looking. Then I decided to try doing it more narrow and in a block which is the view you are seeing here. I did a 3rd take thinking of our Guild's Galleria that's coming up soon - long & narrow.  I think I'm most partial to the 2nd take. We'll see which the client likes best.

I'm finally using gouache again. It's a product I just never liked. But it worked OK for these pieces. I added gum Arabic to it.

I'm also using a warm gold 23.75K gold leaf. 

Anyway you can see all 3 versions by clicking on image. Enjoy


Leslie Miller said...

Ohhh, I think Take 1 is my favorite. You're so good at this!

Lorraine said...

Awesome job Yogi. I also like Take 1 but Take 2 is nice as well. Really I like all 3 of them, each for a different reason.