Sunday, February 5, 2017

Georgia Angelopoulos - Things Greek & Gilded Class 
I took a two day class with Georgia Angelopoulos - FABULOUS!!. Love the way Georgia teaches, she's such a giving teacher with a wealth of info. I came away inspired...

These are the pieces I did during the class. Click on either image to see all the details and descriptions.

The two calligraphed pieces below are a direct result of this class and I will be submitting them for an upcoming Guild show we are having at the Fish Creek Library here in Calgary, Alberta for the month of March.'mADreamer.html'mADreamer.html

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Leslie Miller said...

These are fascinating and fabulous, Yogi! The mosaic designs worked around the shapes are so very interesting and beautifully shaded. The etching in the gold and silver caught my eye right away. Gorgeous, especially in the lettering! Wow!