Saturday, September 21, 2019

Mixed Media Phone Stand

I took a 2hour mini workshop at "The Paper And Ink Boutique" here in Calgary this week. Loved it. The class was taught by Tracy Moreau who is a Deco Art ambassador. 
Granted I'm not really in to mixed media, and I don't own a mobile/cell phone... but I thoroughly enjoyed this class.  When I looked at the image on the website I gathered my supplies with similar items but in my own style. BIG GRIN.

I also brought my own acrylics. But have since purchased the Deco Art Media acrylic paints which are translucent but vibrant.

Click on any image to see all the details and descriptions etc. Enjoy

1 comment:

Leslie Miller said...

It turned out great! You could use it as a card stand or something. Pretty item to keep on or near your craft table. I love it!