Tuesday, December 31, 2019

BVCG Dec Lettering Challenge - Day 31


And the final day of the BVCG lettering challenge SIGH!!. But I've joined the Scribbled Lives facebook group with a challenge per week... We'll see how that goes.

http://www.yogiemp.com/Calligraphy/Artwork/BVCG_LetteringChallenge_Dec2019/BVCG_LetteringChallengeDec2019_Week5.htmlTo see the word list please go to BVCG.ca and click on the Calendar page.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this piece and it uses my Dreaming Dogs largest ruling pen "Lollipop" with various colors of Bister inks, then outlined with a fine tipped black pen a la Thomas Hoyer. I even got a touch of spattering...

Click on any image to see more details and descriptions etc. Enjoy

1 comment:

Leslie Miller said...

I like this style a lot! Maybe it's the colors as I'm particularly fond of earth tones.