Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Nov/19 Enchanted Letters - Xmas Cards
I never got around to uploading these Xmas cards that I made in November. Since I needed to give it to the ladies before they saw it on my blog BIG GRIN.

A couple of the gals from our Crafty Dozen had wanted their name done in "Enchanted Letter" style. I decided to ask if anyone else wanted one and created Xmas cards for them.
Their name is done on a removable piece of cardstock that is frame-able. I also scanned and printed the name on the front of the card so it still remained a viable card when the artwork was removed...
To see more Enchanted Letters click HERE

Click on the image to see larger pics of each name. Enjoy

1 comment:

Leslie Miller said...

Goodness, these are beautiful, Yogi! Very special, keep forever kind of cards. Lucky friends!