Sunday, January 19, 2020

Jan/20 - Watercolor Yellow Rose - What's In A Rose'sInARose.html
As mentioned before I wanted to do more water coloring this year and decided to do a bunch of flower images... For this one I'm using a Kit & Clowder free rose image that I altered slightly

And since I'm taking a pointed pen class taught by Kerri Forster this month thought I'd use that type of lettering...

Click on any image to see all the details and descriptions etc. Enjoy

and here's a pic of how I store my Daniel Smith watercolors. I've got more than 100 of them and needless to say normal palettes won't hold all my colors - so have improvised... I'm waiting on delivery for another set of 2 palettes coming in a week or so so I can put the rest of my paints in them. They've got a magnetic strip under them to hold them in the palette. Works really well for me.'sInARose.html

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Leslie Miller said...

Yellow roses were my favorite before I ever even realized yellow was my favorite color. Beautiful, Yogi. I'm swooning over all those Daniel Smith watercolors. I'd like to try them someday. The containers are great, especially being magnetic.