Thursday, May 7, 2020

TH Grunge & Glass Bead Texture cards

I've been watching and paying along with Tim's Saturday Facebook Live demos. So much fun... did a bunch of the Grunge techniques as tags and then set them aside. Finally pulled one out and cut it apart to create the Friends card.

The other card uses Golden's Glass Bead texture paste which I really love. Tim used a regular texture paste, and I have some tags made up of other pastes I used but haven't gotten around to the next steps...

Click on any image to see more details, pics and descriptions etc. Enjoy

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Leslie Miller said...

I'm sorry to be speeding through, Yogi, but I'm sure enjoying my visit today. All the pretty flowers! This post in particular has colors and a look I love. The grunge backgrounds and glass bead texture paste are soooo gorgeous! I think I need some of the glass bead stuff. Really love the look. Someday I'll start buying again, sigh... I'm on hold.