Sunday, October 11, 2020

Scribbled Lives 2020 - Wk 41 - Shel Silverstein - Runny Babbit Returns

Scribbled Lives 2020 - Wk 41 - Shel Silverstein is this weeks theme... He has some fun quotes/poems. This one is kind of long for me. I usually prefer doing shorter quotes and stuff... I tried doing it with various nibs in various styles of lettering and on various hand made backgrounds. Ugh to all of them. I finally just went on plain cardstock, my small B-5 nib and Vermillion Sumi ink in my funky monoline stle lettering. I'm content... Added the spider web and spider being it's close to Halloween I thought it was appropriate. BIG GRIN.

Click on artwork to see more details etc. enjoy

1 comment:

Leslie Miller said...

I love the poem! Your whole piece is great! I like Halloween stuff, anyway.