Monday, November 16, 2020

Julie Wildman - Resist Techniques - Day 1

I'm taking another ZOOM class with Julie Wildman - Resist Techniques - Day 1. So like usual, created a couple cards that I just need to finish off... BIG GRIN

Today I played with filling my Molotov pen with Pebeo masking fluid and writing with it. I really like that technique. Now I just have to see how long my pen will last before it totally clogs up... The bane of my existence - things drying up when I go to use them again. Drives me crazy. Bloody expensive too. You wouldn't believe how many masking fluids I've bought.

The Joy card uses masking sheet hand cut as a stencil/mask and then a wash of watercolors. Also using the back side of Dreamweaver packaging (love that blue cardstock...)

Click on any image to see more details and descriptions etc. Enjoy

And now I'm going back to playing with more resist techniques BIG GRIN


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Leslie Miller said...

Interesting with the resist pen. I know how you feel about things drying up. Must use them continually and that's impossible.