Saturday, November 28, 2020

Seniors Xmas Cards 2020

The BVCG usually makes cards for seniors during our annual Xmas party... you guess it - that's shot to smithereens this year... so we were asked to create them at home and then someone would collect them.

I was creating all day yesterday and managed to finish 11 cards - but I wanted an even dozen, so got up this morning and finished the last one. The the rest of the day in photographing and uploading to my website and now my blog. Pheww - I think that was a marathon...

Anyway click on any image to see all the details and the insides etc. Enjoy.

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Leslie Miller said...

Good on you for getting all these cards for seniors done in spite of circumstances. I love your idea for splicing pieces together so as not to waste. They're all very special. Love the little houses and the deer, and your lettering take them all to the next level.