Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Yogi Mini Books - Your Turn #5 - 10

I've been in collaboration with Phyllis Cole-Dai (author, songwriter, poet). I love her poems and she asked me to do them in calligraphy creating it in a hand bound book form with a protective box. I was thrilled.

We're making it an open series for the 1st poem. I've created 4 so far, and now the next 6 which will all be available in the US on Phyllis's website only (sorry Canadians). This is due to the exorbitant amount for shipping - sigh.
This is the end of this series, unless there is a high demand and I might get twisted to do a few more...

If someone in the Calgary area wants one for pick up, I will gladly make them one in their preferred color. Or in Canada if they don't mind the shipping charges.

Click on any image to see more details and descriptions etc. Enjoy

Sorry the 2 blue ones are already sold. 

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