Sunday, July 8, 2007

First Posting

Well, since Suzanne created one, I figured I better get on the pot and do one too. So, I created my logo. The background is from my recent batch of ATC's using the A-Muse bridge rubber stamp in an abstract way, coloring in with Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils and moving the color around with my iridescent water mixture, when dry filling the circle sections with Diamond Glaze and in others adding mini glass marbles, glitter, faux rhinestones. I added the text in Adobe Photo Deluxe. After making a home made pizza (pepperoni & mushroom with lots of cheese) and working on this blog, I think it's time to continue working on my Heritage Fall Fair contest pieces. I want to enter in four categories, do 2 cards and 2 broadsides. One down 3 to go.


Kelly said...

welcome to the world of blogging!

Mary-Beth said...

Hi Yogi, welcome to blogging! Love the banner

ArtCricket said...

Yea! Another great blog, yes, I like the banner, too!

june said...

Hi Yogi,

Blogging is such fun! I started one with the same company you did but found it didn't provide what I had hoped it would. Then I found the free WordPress site and a while ago with the help of a cyberfriend, got it started. It still needs lots of work but for now, I'm quite delighted with the way it looks as works for me. I find though that people write my inbox with their comments rather than leave comments on the blog. Don't know why - at any rate, it can be found at

if anyone wants to have a looksee at a wordpress blog. My friend did some magic so that I no longer have to even include the 'wordpress' word in the URL - so the address is much easier to remember ... just ;-)

Sooooooooo much to learn with blogging though! Time ... that elusive pimpernel!!! Namaste. June