Monday, July 9, 2007

Heritage fair - 2 cards

Well I have just finished my 2nd card for the Heritage Fall Fair Contest. I'm very happy with it. It's got nice interactive elements to it and is a folded pocket type 2 signature page card. I used Arches Text Wove and did a background treatment to it in yellows, oranges & browns, touch of green. & sprinkled salt. It's got fibers and beads and lots of quotes. Sorry I can't post a pic of it till the end of August.

The first card is one of my slip and slide booklet cards. done with stiff (from wide belts I think). I bought this stuff maybe 15 years ago in a bunch of colors, when wide fabric type belts were in fashion. It was stuffed in my sewing basket which I barely use anymore, but I was looking for something else and came across it. Said I had to do something with it. I'm very pleased with it too. Cut out some of the pages in a leaf pattern. Added shading to the stiff using Perfect Medium and chalk colors. Colored pencils work fabulously on it for the calligraphy. What's also nice is it doesn't tear at the edges. Phenomenal stuff.

I'm a hoarder. I do use my stuff eventually. If I throw someting away, sure enough I will need it within that same week. And no doubt it would be extremely expensive to purchase more. So that "27" rule doesn't work for me.

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