Sunday, August 19, 2007

Apple Galleria

Our Guild's September Galleria is fast approaching. The theme being "apple". So I finally got down to creating 2 of the 3 items I wanted to make. The first is a hand bound book in the shape of an apple. The second is a Get Well Card with an apple theme and a mini apple shapped booklet with quotes inside.

I still want to make a broadside, but I'm working out the logistics in my mind. I want a very vibrant and shiny apple as the focal point and the word "temptation" written under it and partially through it using a ruling pen and having a rough finish to it. So I'm trying to decide whether to do the apple first and maybe use a working fixative before writting the word, or do I do the lettering first and work between the letters to color the apple??? Decisions, decisions, decisons.

Anyway, enjoy the 2 pieces I did get to finish.


Lindart said...

I love the apple book Yogi. Especially the stem coming up, and the "seeds"!

Lorraine Douglas said...

A splendid work Yogi! You have a gift for creating 3 D art!!