Friday, August 17, 2007

Sealife & Green ATC's uploaded

Boy was I on a roll. I just couldn't stop making these ATC's this month, 26 ATC's later and I still have an urge to do more. I guess I really like the color green and sea life. BUT there are a couple things I want to do in between. Plus there is the Chinatown Street Festival tomorrow.

Ok I've created a new Gallery and sub divided it. I seem to lose them when I put them in my Byhand gallery. Since I make so many and they're not all traded on line but also in my face to face group. So when I'm looking to put an unavailable note against that ATC I somethmes can't find it. Sheesh.

I made some using a background technique that Wanda H let us know about. Loved doing that. (report cover and re-inkers). Then there are some with lots of texture/embellishments - seashells and moss. Then a bunch done with hot glue and gold leaf. Love these. Some with colored pencils (olives). Some misc more landscape/seascape, a wonderful otter, a heron. Well I guess you get the idea.

After uploading this I'm going down to make some curried chicken (Jamaican style), maybe with some roti.

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cookievf said...

Love your books, journals, handmade papers and "sea life" ATCs. You are an amzing (pro-LIFIC) artist and I really enjoyed stopping by for my first visit this evening!

I believe I am in Byhandartists, just haven't jumped in and joined as I am a bit overextended!

please stop by for a visit! (I just bought one of the bookbinding books you mentioned!)

- vicki xo